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Ziplock bag manufacturers lead the development of the plastics industry

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The technology for producing plastic products in China is quite different from that of foreign countries. How to narrow the gap has become a compulsory course for enterprises.
The technology for producing plastic products in China is quite different from that of foreign countries. How to narrow the gap has become a compulsory course for enterprises. The industry pointed out that plastic product composition analysis technology has a direct and important role in the development of enterprises, or will become a driving force on the road of plastic products research and development.

The plastic is mainly composed of a natural resin or a synthetic resin as a main component, and a material synthesized by adding various additives, and can maintain the shape at a normal temperature. Therefore, plastic products occupy an extremely important position in today's world, and the research and development of plastic products is also a problem that needs to be improved by most enterprises.

There are two main aspects to the development of plastic products. The first is to provide the performance of plastic products. Enterprises can improve existing plastic products through component analysis technology and improve the overall performance of plastic products. The second point is some special functions of plastic products. By adding some special materials, plastics can have photoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect, piezoelectric effect and so on.

In addition to adding synthetic resin, plastic products will also add other auxiliary materials, such as colorants, stabilizers, plasticizers, various fillers, etc. How to perfectly add various materials to plastic products, you can pass Component analysis technology to complete, through the analysis of high-end plastic formulations, improve the existing formulation system, adjust plastic additives, provide research and development ideas, and accelerate research and development progress, which is the research and development technology that many large plastic enterprises in China will use. The analysis of the composition of plastic products in China refers to the use of instruments and scientific methods to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the composition and proportion of plastic samples, and then obtain a precise formula of samples to facilitate the upgrade or improvement of new products. Therefore, component analysis technology will become a major boost for the development of plastic products.

The plastic products industry mainly refers to synthetic resin (polymer compound) as the main material, after extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, calendering, lamination and other processes for the production and processing of various products, as well as the use of recycled waste plastic processing Reproduction of the industry for the production of plastic products.

By definition, the plastics industry can be subdivided into nine major industries.
1. Plastic film manufacturing industry
    This industry is primarily engaged in the manufacture of plastic products for agricultural, industrial, commercial and consumer packaging films.
2. Manufacturing industry of plastic sheets, tubes and profiles
This industry is mainly engaged in the production and processing of various plastic sheets, tubes and fittings, rods, sheets and other products, as well as the production of plastic profiles which are continuously extruded by using polyvinyl chloride as the main material.
3. Manufacturing industry of plastic wire, rope and braid
4. Foam manufacturing industry
   It refers to the production industry that uses synthetic resin as the main material and processed into a plastic product with micropores inside through the foam molding process.
5. Manufacturing industry of plastic artificial leather and synthetic leather
Refers to the production of plastic synthetic leather industry that can substitute natural leather.
6, plastic packaging and container manufacturing industry
    It refers to the production and processing industry of plastic packaging boxes and container products which are made by blowing or injection molding and can hold various articles or liquid substances for storage, transportation and other purposes.
7, plastic parts manufacturing industry
8, daily plastic manufacturing industry
That is, the plastic shoe manufacturing industry and the daily plastic groceries manufacturing industry.
9, other plastic products manufacturing industry

In the plastics manufacturing industry, crushers are an indispensable mechanical device in the production process. Sometimes the crusher will have an equal failure during the work and delay production. Feiner has focused on motor protection for 20 years, and the protection application on the crusher can be said to be skilled. In the event of a fault, the motor protector can cut off the power supply in time to protect the motor from burnout. Improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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